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Startup coming out – lessons learned


There are firsts times for everything, first time meeting a VC, first time meeting an angel, first time raising money and at some point comes the first public event.

We’ve been pitching a lot these last few months, but always to few people at a time.

Last Wednesday we came out of the wood, and decided to participate to the TechCrunch Meet Up in Boston. We got a demo table and pitch our product to the mass:

Lessons learned:

  • get some water, pitching  20 times an hour make you thirsty
  • bring a big external monitor, our table neighbor had a 25′ monitor, and our Mac book Pro look kind of … small
  • get the people interested to directly registered to your website (if relevant) , we had the registration page opened on 2 ipad
  • Don’t forget to take picture during the event, we were so focus on the event itself that we probably didn’t take enough pictures
  • Identify the hashtag associated with the event and live tweet the event
  • Be ready for internet backup (we had to use our 4G data plan for 2 hours while the wifi was down)
  • If your demo goes wrong (unexpected bug, internet goes down), try to not put all your focus on trying to fix the bug but keep the discussion going with your audience while ask some of your team to look at the issue

Can’t wait for more events to pitch again