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Now Live – Join the Beta Created to Make Life More Shareable


We are thrilled to announce that the countless hours and late-night coffee runs were all worth it! Sharalike’s unique multi-service sharing platform is now open to all and we think you’ll love it as much – or nearly as much – as we do!

Inspired by a walk on the beach with family and friends, Aymeric Vigneras, our co-founder, dreamed of this software as a simple, unique way to remember and celebrate all of the moments that make our lives, ours! With an easy-to-use, highly personalized approach to image management, Sharalike users can store, edit, enjoy and share gorgeous slideshows with just a few clicks. Don’t believe us – check out some samples of the latest SmartShows (including the latest from Sochi!)

We could spend hours on what makes the technology so innovative, everything from:


  • SmartTags that automatically identify your best pictures and seamlessly sorts them into a personalized musical slideshow
    • A system that runs on an HTML 5 platform, enabling you to share your shows
      instantaneously without  a bulky file that’s impossible to share or send
    • Works seamlessly across your devices and favorite social media applications.
    • A single application for all image/video saving and sharing (instead of the multiple applications you currently need to use!)


But what’s the fun in talking about ourselves when it’s YOU, our users, we built this for.

So get sharing and tell us about it – better yet, share your SmartShows on our social profiles! The first 50 people of the Beta Race will win free premium accounts and one grand prize winner gets $5,000 to throw their own party with the help of a professional planner.


We hope the incentives get you intrigued, but we know the software will keep you sharing! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@Sharalike) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/sharalike) to stay up on the latest.